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What are the various types of Discount Ink Cartridges available in the market?

Have you ever wondered what is done with the used up cartridges? They are refilled by various shops and sold to the customers as Discount Ink Cartridges. These shops offer a tremendous amount of discount on each of the cartridges and help buyers in saving their money.


There are various types of discount ink cartridges available in the market, and all of them make for a great alternative to the original ones. These cartridges are much affordable than the original ones that come for a hefty price. This article provides in-depth knowledge of the four types of cartridges that are sold at a discounted rate at various shops.



OEM ink cartridges


OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and it means that these cartridges are produced by the companies that manufacture the printers. The OEM cartridges bear the name of the brand, and thus they are sold at a whopping price in the franchise and flagship stores. Their performance is of top-notch, and they produce high-quality printouts. These cartridges can be availed at a discount price from certain websites as Discount Ink Cartridges.


Compatible ink cartridges


Compatibility is of great concern when printer cartridges are in question, and the user should always use those that are compatible with his device. The OEM cartridges are, of course, consistent with the printers as they are manufactured with original products. However, there are many other ink cartridges too that can go well with a printer of a specific brand. These cartridges are produced by experts who specialize in making stationeries that are required in offices and schools.


Any printer user can easily trust the compatible cartridges without any doubt as they will not cause any harm to the device. These Discount Printer Ink Cartridges come at a cheaper rate and can be easily afforded by anyone having a small budget.


Refurbished ink cartridges


The other name for a refurbished ink cartridge is a remanufactured cartridge and is highly in use in the present times. These cartridges are nothing but the recycled versions of the used ones. There are thousands of ink cartridges disposed of every single day from various office sand schools. These cartridges are collected, replaced, and then sold as refurbished ink cartridges in the market. They are an excellent example of Ink Cartridges as they come at a meager price, but their performance is of top-class.


Refilled ink cartridges


It is the last option in the list of cartridges that can be availed of at a discounted price. As the name suggests, these ink cartridges are the used ones that just get refilled without making any significant changes to them. Their performance is mediocre and can be used by those who do not require excellent printouts.


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